History of St. Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon starts when we received an invitation from Bishop of kalian Mar Paul Chittilapilly to bestow spiritual nourishment to Syro-Mallabar Christians and bestow education to late Sr. Bibiana, late Sr. Alexius and Sr. Thadaeus started their historical journey on 19th September 1983 from Kerala. Sisters began their mission at Jalgaon in a rented building & on 15th Oct. 1989 Convent was officially inaugurated. Time and circumstances demanded us to begin a school. So, Convent turned into classroom with 26 children on roll on 17th June 1991 which marked as the golden-letter history making day for St. Teresa’s convent School. As the school was growing day by day, the management envisioned the need and on 9th November, 1993 School shifted from Adarsh Nagar to new school building beside the Mehrun Lake. Though it was a humble start in the course time it gained momentum and transformed into a reputed institution with the introduction of junior college on 20th May, 2006.

Today, St. Teresa’s convent school has turned 25 silver years into the epitome of service among young learners and has a prestigious alumnus. We have Currently over 3000 children studying in various classes of the school starting from kindergarten to XII grade with 130 teaching and Non- teaching staff. What makes the school more unique in education field is that the children are educated with high-class curriculum, value based education, extra-curricular activities and athletics in well balanced manner; irrespective of caste, creed or colour, high or low, rich or poor imparting the same standards in equality. With the blessing of God Almighty St. Teresa school is counted among the top educational institutions in Jalgaon not only in terms of academics but for its contribution towards producing global citizens positioned high in various sectors around the world. We are indebted to the hard work of our outstanding students, the expert and dedicated service of caring teachers, active and involved parents and supportive community. The school takes pride with due reverence and obeisance to our patron saint, St. Teresa of Avila who is a model for youth in any age and time. All the meritorious achievements and the fruits that we and world around are witnessing today, we owe to God and believe God will continue to raise humble institution for His glory.