Jalgaon, March 4:

By Staff

A wonderful Orientation Programme was arranged for the students of Std. IX. Students were given wonderful tips of leading a successful life. The Chief of this programme was Fr. Wilson who gave the students the importance of hard work. Students were made to realize what life is, what they need to do to make their life successful and how they were going to handle their problems. The students enjoyed the moments where they learnt about life. Not only that, but also a personality development seminar was also arranged on the same day to make the day more memorable. The seminar was leaded by Ms. Siddhika Memon.


Jalgaon, March 18:

By Staff

Apart from the orientation programme, and the personality development seminars, the management had come up with a new idea of training girls for personal hygene. The seminar was given for the girls of Std. V to Std. X. The seminar was leaded by Dr. Parveen Kazi She gave valuable guidance to the girls and made suggestions to their quarries. The girls were given the tips for maintaining their hygene during their menstrual cycles. Doctor Kazi also spoke about adolescence, mood swings and various other problems and how to handle it efficiently.


Jalgaon, October 2016:

By Staff

Students got an opportunity to attend the Vigilo held by the management of St. Teresa’s. The programme was arranged in the spatial auditorium of the school under the super guidance of our honorable sisters Sr. Sarupya and team. The students of Std. X were provided with the necessary guidance which would help them in leading a successful life. The programme commenced with then remembrance of God. Then started the wonderful seminar with the melodious songs sung by honorable Sr. Sarupya and Sr. Limna. Thereafter the action steps done by Sr. Little Rose kept the children enthusiastic. The children were shown different presentations which would help out in their life. The importance of life was given to them. The students were made to realize that they are lucky enough to have parents in their life to make them study, to bring them different ammeneties and the necessary items they will be wanting in their life. They understood the real importance of parents and gained the respect towards them. All above that they were given the importance of spiritual understanding which made them belive in God. The students were taught to be self-confident and self decisive. The students were also acquainted with the knowledge given by Sr. Little Rose towards the pitiful condition of the handicapped and disabled children. The three continuous days of Vigilo also included the necessary advices to be given to the teenagers of this generation and proved an unforgettable event for both teachers as well as the students of Std. X. The Vigilo kept the children focused till its end.