To achieve overall success in life, one must possess a strong personality, while some people are born with it others can shape up their personality, if they work on themselves.

Keeping this in mind a follow up Personality Development session “BE A LIGHT HOUSE” was organized by the Principal for the teachers on 02/06/2017 (Friday) in multimedia room at 9:30 a.m. The session was conducted by Mrs. Anita Choudhary –Teacher in St. Teresa’s Convent Higher Secondary School Junior College, Commerce Stream.

The session included group games ,Powerpointpresentation, video clippings and routine examples of personal life . The talk laid emphasis on the following issues.

  • Change - “ Be the Change you wish to see in the world”
  • Change - “ Be the Change you wish to see in the world”
  • Why a Change - To RE-INVENT OURSELVES and learn newer skills to face challenges of the modern world
  • What kind of change - A change from “NO to YES”
  • Why a Light house? - To stand for vision, mission and other qualities
  • Light house – A Role Model
  • Physical Attributes of Light house –
    1. Body – Healthy body
    2. Roots - Strong and firm
    3. Window – fresh air and up gradation
    4. Head and the red canopy – Authority with responsibility.
    5. The Lightning conductor - Absorb and be stable
  • Moral Attributes - Impartiality and A Cool and balanced temperament
  • Wisdom for us - “Length of our life is far less important than the quality of the life we live”.


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Keeping this in view our Management and Principal Sr. Julit arranged for a seminar on “ HEALTH ISSUES FACED BY THE LADIES AFTER 40” in Multimedia room dated 2nd June 2017 at 11:00 a.m. Dr. Mrs. ParveenKazi , parent of our school was introduced with a floral welcome.

Dr. Kazi said as an individual we need to take care of our body because it is the only place where we have to live in . Being working ladies we often neglect ourselves and pay no heed to our body. As the age passes ladies find lot of changes in their body internally as well as externally. She discussed the following issues with power point presentation.

  • Why menstrual cycle change at 40?
  • What is menopause? Pre and post menopause
  • Hormonal and emotional changes
  • Precautions and conditions in which treatment is required
  • Are the physical changes accepted by ladies
  • How to take care of the body –hygiene, diet and exercise to be followed
  • When to consult the doctor – medicinal or surgical


A three days seminar on “ Be A Teacher Who Is Loved By The Students”was organized at the Multimedia room from 5th June 2017 (Monday) to 7th June 2017 ( Wednesday) time 9:30 a.m to 12:30 noon. Sr. Julit , Principal of the school welcomed the guest Mr. Jijo Varghese M.A. B.Ed Psychology and introduced the programme to all.





We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. To get a relevant answer to this question one day seminar on 12th June 2017 was arranged for the teachers in the multimedia room at 9:30 a.m. Principal Sr. Julit introduced Rev Father Clevoforce from Mumbai. He was invited as a chairperson to guide and discuss on “EDUCATING TO THE BALANCED USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA”

The session began with media ethics- the do’s and dont’s each one should follow while operating social media. He laid stress on the point that according to ITAct 2000 it is crime to give false information , morphing or bullying on social media. He also spoke about (JJ Act) Juvenile Justice Act and (POSCO) Prevention of child sexual offences.

The question was todays children are attracted towards using the social media on a wider scale especially the internet which offers you various sites through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Rediff How to behold the media influence. Rev.Father made the point clear by speaking about the two different behaviours -

  1. Online behaviour
  2. Offline behaviour


The art of communication is the language of leadership. To develop the skill of communication it is necessary to have a command over the language through which you are imparting education to the children. Keeping this view in mind the management arranged of one day seminar on 17th June 2017 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. “ HOW TO DEVELOP SKILLS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE” by Mr. Pande a well known personality of Jalgaon city. A formal introduction and welcome was given by Mrs. Nandini Nair.

He started with the limits of my language means the limits of my words. He said we should be aware of how to use the words when we are communicating to others. He also gave some abbreviations which meant

  • CAT - common attribute of tiger
  • TIP - token in advance paid
  • JOB - just obey the boss

He also spoke about Indian English, Black English, Continental English and American English. He addressed on skills of memory development. 93% body language which is in sub conscious mind and verbal language in conscious mind. Differentiation was made between tenses and time.


On 4th September 2017 (Monday) a seminar on Vision Mission and Benchmarking was conducted under the guidance of Rev. Sr. Blessa and Rev. Sr. Bissmi. Staff Secretary Mrs. Nandini Nair welcomed the sisters

Sr. Blessa began with the introduction of Saint Chavara. His mission to spread Quality Education began in the year 1866. Since then CMI and CMC congregations are striving towards value based education to the students and to bloom them intellectually and spiritually into dynamic world to reach the zeneith of success.

Initially the congregation was working in India alone, but now it has spread to Europe, Africa, USA and Canada under CMC. Near about 1988 sisters are working in the field of education and the rest in other branches like medicine(hospitals) social work , special schools, vocational training centres etc. In India there are 687 convents where sisters reside and share the Grace through their mission.

Sisters working for Chavara Vision and Mission have congregation policy and catholic identity. Their locket around the neck with symbol mountain and river is their unique identity. They are working through different schools for transformational leaders and capacity building. Since 2009 a team has been formed for inspection . They believe that wherever there is low performance , it is due to lack of shared vision.

Rev. Sr. Bissmi congratulated the Teresian teachers for completing 25 successful years and celebrating Silver Jubilee of the school last Nov 2016. She continued to remind that the real work starts now where we need to Benchmark ourselves. Benchmarking is an assessment – standard for reference adopting not copying to improve quality.

According to new education policy of 1990 internal assessment gives only 10% Competitiveness gives 20% functional and generic gives 35% each. Comparison should be subjective and objective . We need to decide , understand , plan study others, learn from others and use findings to protect the good

Never be content with what we have achieved but always compare or benchmark our organization with similar others to outstand and be unique. Both the sessions were very informative. The session ended with vote of thanks by Mrs. Anita .


On 3rd November 2017 (Friday) a seminar on friendly note was arranged for all the teachers from pre-primary to higher secondary. Seminar was conducted by Rev. Fr. John Edapally.

Re. Fr. had been in education field and visiting as a guest lecturer with in the country and abroad. He gives orientation programs to youth students attending colleges. He has also written books on psychology.

Rev. Fr. John focused on the topic Media Influence and Attitude of the Students. Going in flash back he said now-a-days the scenario of school is completely different from the past . Previously students would go to the teacher to gain and obtain knowledge but now student invites the teacher on the internet

Todays student is more advanced in comparison to the teacher in the classroom . If a student raises and doubts the teacher should not feel that the student is checking the caliber instead teacher should go to the classroom fully prepared

On the other hand he reminded the teachers that due to nuclear family many children are addicted to electronic devices even at the younger age. In a classroom the teacher should understand the caliber of each student and attend to their needs. “ The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves”

Rev. Fr. Conducted a small activity to make the seminar interesting , he asked three questions and gave a gift to the winner. He also emphasized on value based education . No doubt today’s children are far smarter but they need to be taught to have patience, respect, understanding, co-operation and love.

The session ended with a vote of thanks given by Mrs. Deepa Thakkar