The school offers a wide spectrum of Co-curricular Activities aimed at developing the students and to support classroom activities.

  • An expert coach is appointed for each activity to train the students
  • A number of Co-curricular areas of study are offered as optional, that are mainly divided into two groups i.e. Indoor and Outdoor activities. Students can select any two of them. While selecting activities students must select one Indoor and one Outdoor activity.Whereas1st and 2ndstd students have to attend Handwriting improvement, Western Dance and Martial Arts activities compulsorily.

The following Co-curricular Activities are conducted in the school.

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Skating, Jump Rope, Taekwondo, Karate, Mallakhamb.
  • These activities help the students to develop not only intellectually but also physically. They learn to bring about co-ordination between the limbs & different sensory organs. Activities encourages the students to develop leadership qualities and team spirit.

  • Indoor Activities
  • Table tennis, Chess, Aerobics, Origami, Drawing, Music [singing, instrument (casio, guitar)], Calligraphy, Dance [Western, Classical], Computer, Vedic maths, Spoken English.
  • These activities help the students to develop the power of concentration, self-confidence and decision making. It brings out the inner talent & skill of the students.

Co-curricular Activities are conducted on every Wednesday and Saturday except on second Saturday.

These are most awaited days for the students as they enjoy the coaching during these activities.

Co-curricular Activities enable to groom the students for future leadership. It enables the students to express themselves freely. They help to learn co-operation & social skills.

Through the training given by expert coaches students avail many opportunities to play at divisional, state and national level matches.


  • Proper syllabus is framed for each activity by their coaches.
  • Along with practical coaching theoretical knowledge is also given to the students.


  • Based on the syllabus and practical knowledge given to the students two exams in a year are conducted for activities (practical and written exams) students are encouraged to appear for Elementary & Intermediate exams in Drawing.


  • Every hardwork is rewarded. The reward for well done is the opportunity to do more.
  • Based on the results of practical and written exams top 15 students are selected from both batches of each activity.
  • These students are rewarded with a certificate and a trophy on the closing ceremony day of the activities for particular academic year.