Games and sports mean a lot in our student’s life whether to make a bright career or maintain the fitness level all through the life. It is multi-beneficial for the players in various dimensions of the life. Sports and games in our school include both outdoor, indoor and certain gymnastic activities. Athletics both boys and girls practice outdoor and indoor spots like running, swimming, jumping, discuss throw, shot put, football, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, roll ball-skating, kabaddi, Kho-Kho (“Game of Chase”), chess, table tennis, and many more such games in school according to their interest. Children are dynamically involved in the sports activities and are therefore seen with much improved physical and mental health as well as concentration in education. That’s why; we have made it compulsory as a part of the education in our school to support and encourage such deserving children for their bright future. We remember our champions who wore star on their crest, sweat blood for the trophies, medals, awards and certificates, and furbish our school’s annual achievement gallery.