‘Reading is vital because it is how we discover new things.’ Reading develops imagination. St. Teresa’s Convent School (STCS) has well furnished with variety of books which are updated from time to time keeping in mind the changing interest of our children students can enrich themselves by reading books related to literature, current affairs, periodicals, chronicles, autobiography etc.

Playground / Sports

The school aims to help students make the most of life in campus.

The School has a large talented sports faculty consisting of four specialist coaches. Trained coaches’ render scientifically aided training in cricket, Table Tennis, Basketball, Roll ball etc. and excel in it.

Every Teresian is expected and encouraged to take part in the sport activities. The School provides an extensive sports and physical education programme.

Facilities include large playing field. Sports include Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Skating, etc.

An annual sports week is organized regularly in the school premises.

Digital Classrooms

‘The Only Source of Knowledge Is Experience’-------Einstein

Our school has ‘Smart classroom’ facility to make teaching and learning a pleasant experience. All these classrooms are key spaces where collaborative, independent and differential learning takes place along with e-learning facility. An important common announcement conveyed through speaker is installed inside the classrooms.


‘Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world ’-------Louis Pasteur

Computer Labs

Our St. Teresa’s Convent School (STCS) has two computer labs; each lab has more than 50 computers so that every child gets an individual computer for better practice. Labs are well ventilated and equipped with essential facilities of printer, white board and projector.

Biology Lab

The lab proudly owns over 100 scientific charts, live specimens and models. These are labeled and well displayed in glass cupboards. Microscopes are regularly used by the middle and senior school children to study microbes, cells, tissues, etc. in spotting analysis from the collection of permanent slides. Lab is well ventilated with spacious work area accommodating near about 50 students at a time.

Physics Lab

‘Everything Is Energy and That’s All There Is to It. Match The Frequency of the Reality’-------Albert Einstein

Physics Looks at How Things Happen – The Reason - Things Happen - And Explain It

The best way of acquiring knowledge is doing experimentation and sharing thoughts. This essential important aspect in society’s intellectual progress and success is inculcated in STCS’s Physics lab. A spacious laboratory along with excellent practical equipments available for 40-50 students at a time. The Physics lab is a place for practical application, learning and off course a symbol of team work and exchange of innovative ideas.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab is also well equipped, organized and furnished one. It is well ventilated, hence provides comfort to students. Around 40 experiments can be monitored at a time. The apparatus of excellent quality is made available for students. Unfair means and misuse inside the lab is monitored through camera surveillance. Fire extinguisher is installed inside the lab so as to maintain student’s safety.


Wishing “May the Divine Flame grow brighter in each and every Teresina’s life”

We believe in developing our student’s spiritual –emotional well-being providing ethic values through prayer and march forward on the spiritual path.

School has a beautiful chapel for prayer and worship. This chapel is open for personal prayer to all students irrespective of their creed.

Christian students have Holy mass here. The silent atmosphere in the chapel is conducive for the spiritual growth of the students.

Counselling Room

The school offers counselling services for all students from Kinder-garden to higher secondary. Students are provided with an unbiased supportive and worm environment by the counsellor to overcome their obstacles and move ahead with positive attitude.


We have Auditorium that can accommodate more than 500 students at a time. Our Auditorium remains a venue for all school events, seminars, conferences, social meetings etc.

The wooden stage augments the beauty of the Auditorium Even Table Tennis matches are held in the Auditorium.

Audio Visual Room

The Audio Visual Air Conditioned Room is a state –of- the art facility which has a capacity to seat about 100 people. This resource room can be used to present power point presentations, hold seminars, show educational films etc.

It is an asset which can be used to meet the student’s urge for satisfying scientific, historic, mathematical and literature needs in this fast growing world.

This room also facilitates online coaching classes.

Assembly - Point

The Assembly-point clarifies school activities and focusses on co-curricular life. It helps develop school spirit, feelings of affiliation and unity among students.

It enables students to share stories and performances, as well as their abilities Talents. It’s a place where Assembly for the students is conducted twice in a week and also a platform where Principal addresses the students.