In addition to the educational front of service we are also committed to social welfare and are active in the following spheres for societal benefit:

  • Free tuition centre at Bamboori, a village in the proximity of Jalgaon; benefitting the underprivileged children. The tuition centre is visited often by our School’s management Sisters for encouragement, mentoring and counseling & on various occasions by staffs and students to support and understand the underlying difficulty faced by rural citizens.
  • On a regular basis some small goodies like stationeries for the boys in addition to some trinkets for the girls are collected in the form of second hand or piggy bank savings and donated to Remand home inhabitants as a gesture of love and support, this is undertaken as a part of school activity, thus inculcating the value of service and an attitude of giving good.
  • A specially designed class for specially challenged children was inaugurated this year and it is successfully tending to the care in a well organized manner inside the school campus with especially dedicated and select team force.
  • Since 2015 we are arranging Blood Donation camp, every year in the month of December with the co-operation of Indian Red Cross Society. Every year we get about 100 donors for this noble cause. This year it was arranged on 17th Dec 2017 and we had 136 Donors, including our parents, teachers and near and dear ones. We believe in “share the gift of life and save lives today.”