In the year 2016-17, school celebrates the silver jubilee year with immense gratitude to God almighty and all who helped in these past 25 years. This year is marked with many unique programmes like the blood donation camp, school history glimpses exhibition, high-mass, fun-fair, etc

Cultural Week / Talent Week: if ‘schooling’ is a story, imparting knowledge is just half the story building and all round personality completes the story. With the aim of building an all round personality various extracurricular and co-curricular competition are arranged in the school. Well managing the academic teachings, the teachers and students team up to organize a whole week of cultural dhamaka.

Competitions of dance, songs, mimicry, monoact, drama etc. are conducted with renowned personalities invited as judges for each occasion. The highlight of the cultural week is the PERSONALITY CONTEST conducted at the end of the week to decide Ms. Teresa and Master Teresa. In this week the whole school gears up for full time entertainment, competition and fun. This week prepares them for participation, competition, winning, sportsmanship, etc.

Silver Jubilee Annual Day: Apart from various days and functions the school celebrates the annual day in a grand manner. It includes the best performance of the year in all categories like mimicry, dance, drama and song. The main attraction of the Annual Day is the school band, school's Annual Report which is presented in a very special manner by our students. All prizes in the field of Academic, Sports and Art are given away to students in the presence of our proud parents. This year silver jubilee annual day celebration was a red-letter day in the history of school. The “Saptrangi Rajat Mahotsav” was a magnificent celebration of 7 colors of rainbow expressing all the emotions of life.

Prayer session: "He prays the best who loves best all things, both great and small for the dear God, who loves us, he made and loves all". There is nothing that makes us love a person as much as praying for him/her. We pray with our students at the beginning and end of the academic session. A prayer session is conducted in which prayer in English, Hindi, and Marathi are recited by students and teacher. In this prayer session, we have Sarv Dharm Prarthna in which holy readings from Bible, Gita and Quran is read by our student, which inculcates the value of religious harmony among them. We pray and thank God for all the good things bestowed upon us, throughout the year. We pray for the slow learners, students appearing for the Std X and XII Board exams and for the teachers who teach them. Our respected Principal delivers the holy message at the end of session.

Silence Day: “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves”. Believing in the above proverb, we observe Silence on 15th Oct, that is our Patroness day. An absolute silence is maintained in the school. Prayers are sung by teachers and students of each class.

In the whirls of modern life, amidst the constant noise pollution, talking of silence seems to be very soothing to our ears. Silence we all know is golden. It also makes us think better and when in a bind, help us take wise decision. Scriptures and Experts believe there is far more power hidden in silence than we can imagine. Experiencing silence thoroughly for one day prepares our teachers and students mind to face future challenges with full zeal and fervour.

Science & Maths Exhibition: High technology always appears attractive and challenging especially to young minds. Performing experiments on their own reveals the connection between basic principles of science and activities in daily life. To develop this scientific attitude among the students we organize Science and Maths exhibition. Best 3 experiments are chosen and awarded.

Aptitude Test: In today's fast growing competitive world to help our students in mental, physical and emotional growth an aptitude test is conducted by Sr Jecinta from Pune for the students of STD IX to XI. This program is arranged every year to test the abilities and interest of our children. This also helps the students for proper career choice in which they will excel and be happy and satisfied or contented in life.

Environmental Week: SAVE TREES, SAVE LIFE” is the global call and the need of the hour. It’s time we take serious action save the planet and there by ourselves. The first step towards this cause is to create awareness and educate the mass. Students being future citizens are our hope. They can make a considerable difference in the society. St. Teresa’s Higher Secondary School has been organizing innovative programmes through the arrangements of the environment week celebration. For the whole week the whole school experiences the fervor of saving the environment and feels a special closeness to the surroundings and bond themselves with components of nature. Children take resolutions for the year on this occasion. Various competitions are organized throughout the week like essay competitions, drawing competition, slogan competitions. Creative programmes are arranged like environmental rally through the sheets of Jalgaon. Street plays enacted by the students create awareness in the common people regarding environment. Educational seminars are arranged during the week too.

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