Parliament- “The school aims at empowering students by inculcating them with leadership, confidence, responsibility, assertion and taste bearing qualities right from the foundation stages.”


  • Members of Parliament will exhibit strong leadership skills.
  • Ministers of Parliament will provide an exemplary role model for all students.
  • Students will experience the democratic process at first hand.
  • Members of Parliament will realize that through the democratic process each person has the right to free expression of ideas together with responsibility for the well-being of all.

Parliament students for the year 2017-18

Senior Section:

  1. Pradyum Agrawal    [Sr. Head Boy]
  2. Janhavi Patil    [Sr. Head Girl]
  3. Karan Jawaharani   [Sr. Prefect]
  4. Jivika Patil    [Sr. Prefect]

Junior Section:

  1. Tanay Kulkarni    [Jr. Head Boy]
  2. Diple Rane    [Jr. Head Girl]
  3. Neel Wani   [Jr. most Head Boy]
  4. Yashvi Matani    [Jr. most Head Girl]

Six house captains are assigned from 4 different houses. The result for house wise captains are:

Red House [Indira Gandhi]

  1. Bhavesh Bavane    (Sr. House Captain)
  2. Suraksha Pahuja    (Sr. House Captain)
  3. Anuj Raka   (Jr. House Captain)
  4. Pranali Pagaria    (Jr. House Captain)
  5. Manas Patil    (Vice-captain)
  6. Aarohi Sole    (Vice-captain)

Yellow House [Jawaharlal Nehru]

  1. Bhavesh Bavane    (Sr. House Captain)
  2. Harshil Thakur    (Sr. House Captain)
  3. Tanisha Patil   (Sr. House Captain)
  4. Sahil Patil    (Jr. House Captain)
  5. Lakshmi Priya    (Jr. House Captain)
  6. Shreyas Palod    (Vice-Captain)
  7. Disha Chhajed    (Vice-Captain)

Blue House [Sarojini Naidu]

  1. Bhavesh Bavane    (Sr. House Captain)
  2. Nikhil Lohar    (Sr. House Captain)
  3. Harsha Ahirrao   (Sr. House Captain)
  4. Pushkar Tatiya    (Jr. House Captain)
  5. Parmi Shah    (Jr. House Captain)
  6. Mehul Totla    (Vice-Captain)
  7. Riya Raisinghani    (Vice-Captain)

Green House [Mahatma Gandhi]

  1. Manav Pimprikar    (Sr. House-Captain)
  2. Nishchal Joshi    (Sr. House Captain)
  3. Richard Pindu   (Sr. House Captain)
  4. Saniya Shaikh    (Jr. House Captain)
  5. Suyash Singh    (Vice-Captain)
  6. Swarali Patil    (Vice-Captain)

School House System

In order to foster healthy competition, develop genuine Co-operation, enthusiasm and effective leadership the Entire school body is divided into four houses.