In this Hi-tech society St. Teresa endeavors to provide an exemplary education to its students in a friendly and joyful environment. Every student in our school is a child of God. St. Teresa’s does not intend to be an ivory tower. Acquainting children with the grim aspects of social reality and encouraging them to step out of the confines of their social milieu and cocoons in their minds to reach out to fellow beings with understanding and empathy is a key objective. The advancement in the information technology has changed the world into a global village. St. Teresa’s is proud to announce that every year our students are selected to fly to the different corner of the world as a part of Rotary Youth Exchange Programme. Similarly, as we move out we too receive ardent response from the incoming students the teens who have host parents in Jalgaon have joined our institution for their further studies. Through our school they can easily collect the glimpses of India and its rich heritage. They are warmly welcomed in our school in a very traditional Indian custom.

House – Wise Report – 2017

  • Mahatma Gandhi House

Motto: Loyality with Dedication

Green is color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. With these qualities the Gandhians conquer their dreams.

Month – Wise work Allotment


  1. 15th June 2017 School Reopens
  2. 19th June 2017 Father’s Day Celebration
  3. 21st June 2017 International Yoga Day
  4. 22nd June 2017 Felicitation Day of Std. XII
  5. 28th June 2017 Felicitation Day of Std. X
  6. 29th June 2017 World Environment Day


Motto: Family bond, we make it strong

  1. 13th Oct. - Celebration of School Day and Diwali
  2. 30th Oct. – School Reopens with a prayer session

  • Sarojini Naidu – House

Motto: Duty with commitment

Blue is the colour of sky and sea. It is often associated with depth of stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, faith and wisdom with goodness. The team Sarojini Naidu forged ahead towards success with commitment.

Month – Wise work Allotment


Motto: Family bond, we make it strong

  1. 1st July - Beginning of Extra curricular activities for the academic year 2017-18.
  2. 5th July – Silver Jubilee of Rev. Sr. Pavithra and Sr. Little Flower for their valuable service in this sacred life.
  3. 7th July – Investiture Ceremony.
  4. 10th July – Carmel Day Celebration.


  1. 5th Nov. – A mark of respect to Rev. Motherji, Lessy Augustine, general counciller of Carmel.
  2. 13th Nov. – Inauguration of Cultural week.
  3. 14th Nov. – Children Day celebration.
  4. 30th Nov. – English Day Celebration.

  • Indira Gandhi House

Motto: Service with Love

Red color is associated with determination as well as passion desire and love with these qualities the students of Indira Gandhi House March ahead valiantly & give their best.

Month – Wise work Allotment

August 2017:

  1. 7th August – Raksha Bandhan Day Celebration with army men.
  2. 8th August – World Senior Citizen day and Grand Parents Day.
  3. 11th August -National Library Day.
  4. 15th August -Independence Day.
  5. 21st August – Well – wisher’s Day.
  6. 24th August – Sanskrit Day
  7. 29th August – St. Euphrasia Day & National Sport Day

December 2017 :

  1. 4th DEC- Appreciation day.
  2. 17th DEC- Blood Donation Camp.
  3. 23rd DEC- Christmas Celebration.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru House

Motto: Unity with serenity

Yellow colour is of sunshine. It is associated with Joy, hope, happiness, intellect, energy and optimism. The Nehru’s team triumphs overall their obstacles with optimism.

Month – wise allotment

August 2017:

  1. 4th September – Onam Celebration
  2. 5th September – Teacher Day Celebration
  3. 8th September – World Literacy Day
  4. 14th September – Hindi Day
  5. 21st September – International Day of Peace
  6. 22nd September – Rose Day welfare of cancer patients
  7. 23rd September – Prayer session for cancer patients