St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Our Highlights

What sets us apart

The educational legacy of St. Teresa’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon has been persistent since 1989. We believe in shaping the minds and touching the lives of the children by inculcating a high degree of integrity and moral values in them. We emphasize on the holistic development of a child and moulding their personality with the skillset required to be ‘future ready’ and contribute to the formation of a morally upright, responsible, and a truthful society for the upliftment of the entire Nation. St. Teresa’s Convent Higher Secondary School caters to the learning needs of over 3000 pupils. We ensure imparting quality, pervasive, and a learner- centric education through the use of best resources, nurturing the seeds of creativity and developing the young minds to think innovatively.
Our culture of respect, focus on trust, commitment to all-inclusive learning beyond the gamut of books and classrooms, and our way of embracing diversity sets us apart.

Academic Excellence

We at. St. Teresa's Convent Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon take the charge of the students' future & help them achieve the benchmarks in academics. Our aim is to create an environment that fosters the development of a child to grow intellectually, socially, morally & ethically to pursue & mould successful careers.  We ensure the regular program review and assessment of the student learning outcomes and emphasize on multiple wellbeing dimensions that include intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social dimensions.
we take pride in mentioning that the academic goals of the students are achieved and we have a rich legacy of securing 100% results in the SSC and HSC exams every year, right from the commencement of the institution. Around 40% of the students spread their wings and achieve meritorious results in SSC and HSC exams every year.

Sports & Games.

The heritage of the overall development of a pupil at St. Teresa's is prevalent since its inception. One such realm is the advancement in sports & games. We encourage the development of a pupil's physical abilities and instil a sense of good sportsmanship in them. Sports & games are a crucial part of our school curriculum. The school is equipped with multi-sporting facilities for both the indoor and. outdoor games. The pupils are trained by expert coaches in the co-curricular activity sessions conducted every Wednesday & Saturday. The indoor and outdoor activities include Table tennis, Chess, Aerobics, Origami, Drawing, Vedic maths, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Taekwondo, karate, Mallakhamb, Jump rope etc. to name a few.
St. Teresa's Convent Higher Secondary School bagged 'BEST SCHOOL AWARD IN SPORTS FROM 2013 TO 2019' at the District Level consecutively and won a cash prize of 7.5 lakhs from Sports and Youth Services Association Maharashtra.


St. Euphrasia's Teresian Intelligence cum Merit Examination commenced in the year 2017 with a view to nurture the spirit of competitiveness among the students & amplify their competitive skills, logical reasoning skills, public speaking skills, extensive research skills and critical thinking skills.  The competition started off as an intra - school competition for the classes VI - X. Owing to the huge success, the competition started off for the classes I to X, the next year in 2018. To broaden the horizon for the students, the quiz competition was initiated as an inter - School competition in the year 2019. Owing to the massive response and success, the scope of competition was expanded to make it a National level Quiz contest from the year 2020.

• Level - I of the competition includes a written MCQ type question set aimed to sharpen the  analytical skills, comprehensive skills, and logical reasoning skills of the students.
• Level -II of the competition involves Symposium Presentation Competition for the classes I to IV and Group Discussion Competition for the classes V to X aimed to enhance the public speaking skills of the students.
• Level - III comprises of a Mega Quiz contest in groups of students filtered from Level - I and II collaboratively.
[Due to the Covid – 19 scenario, we have opted the digital mode for the entire contest]