St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, lgaon

Youth Exchange Programme

St. Teresa’s school is a “Temple of Learning” which not only fosters the growth of a child but also growth of every individual in all perspectives. The school regards each student as a child of God and hence provides opportunity to each of its student to grow intellectually as well as spiritually.The advancement in the information technology has changed the world into a global village. St. Teresa’s is proud to announce that every year our students are selected to fly to the different corners of the world as a part of Rotary Youth Exchange Programme. Similarly, as we move out, we too receive ardent response from the incoming students, the teens who have host parents in Jalgaon have joined our institution for their further studies. Through our school they can easily collect the glimpses of India and its rich heritage. They are warmly welcomed in our school in a very traditional Indian custom.