St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Teachers Orientation

The six-day orientation programme, which is arranged every year ensures that teachers promptly and effectively adapt into the school culture and allows them to seamlessly integrate into the evolving school community. Personality development, medical guidance, educational development and social mass media are some of the topics our teachers have been oriented within the last couple of years.
Personality development session is rendered every year to channalise each individual’s potential into bringing out the best in their students. Since the average age of our teachers is 30 years and mostly women, medical guidance session on the health and precautionary measures to be taken along with aging process is provided to our teachers regularly.As a part of education development, a three days seminar on “Be A Teacher Who Is Loved By The Students” was conducted at the commencement of this academic year. Along with the abovementioned, Social Mass Media session “Educating to The Balanced Use Of Social Media” familiarizing with media ethics- the do’s and don’s while operating social media. (JJ Act) Juvenile Justice Act and (POSCO) Prevention of child sexual offences were some additional topics on which our teachers have been trained upon. In order to keep up with the evolutionary change in education, English learning session to develop skills in the language by a renowned trainer from Jalgaon, Mr. Pande regularly facilitates sessions which are well-enjoyed and welcomed by the teachers. Other topics such as ‘Do I Belong to Teresian Family And Its Benchmarking’, ‘Media Influence And Students Attitude’s have also been made available to the teachers.