St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Wall Magazine

The school believes that there is hidden art in every child and the art has to be developed naturally. Keeping this in mind, for all around development of students the wall magazines which are in the form of visual displays on walls of the classes are meant specifically to keep students informed by various themes.
Our classes are painted with various themes such as Forest, Universe, Water World and Amusement Park.
By forest theme, students are acknowledged as forest is a home of different wild animals and micro-organisms. The theme thus spread awareness of importance of trees and guide the students to keep our Earth Green.
In the theme Universe students get acquainted with concepts of our Solar System . They get to know about many galaxies which have innumerable stars. Our solar system is of one of those galaxies where Sun is the closest star with eight planets revolving around it. Through the water theme, students can visualize the life below the sea. They get to know about the aquatic animals, plants, corals. This helps in enrich the child’s knowledge.
In addition to these themes there is also an amusement park which pleases the students to actively participate in the studies. They absorb more knowledge and get engrossed in studies with fun through such fascinating features of this theme.