St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon

Students Orientation

It is no wonder that today’s children are by far smart generation kids; yet there is a need to equip them with sound and underlying virtues like patience, respect, understanding, co-operation and love.Orientation marks a successful beginning of a school session as it assures to the new students the good decision in their choice of educational institution. It also helps students prepare for a successful academic year with clear vision about what lies ahead and what can be achieved at the end of their studies. Every year engaging Orientation Programmes for the students are arranged. Personality development seminars for boys and girls are arranged for our students. A special session for girls to address the need and importance of maintaining hygiene during mensuration cycles was arranged last year Doctor Kazi explained on adolescence, mood swings, various others concerns and ways to handle such situations responsibly.
Students get an opportunity to attend the Vigilo held by the management of St. Teresa’s. Last academic year, the programme was arranged in our spatial auditorium under the super guidance of our Honorable Reverend Sr. Sarupya and team. The students of Std. X were provided with the necessary guidance,to help them in leading a successful life. The programme included wonderful seminars, presentations, melodious songs sung by Honorable Rev. Sr. Sarupya and Rev. Sr. Limna. Thereafter, the action steps by Sr. Little Rose kept the children’s enthusiasm high. The students were made to realize the great fortune of having parents around, the need to study sincerely, to be grateful to parents for all the facilities availed by the students.Respect and love for God and parents are some take home from Vigilo sessions. The students were taught to be self-confident and self-decisive, they were also acquainted with the knowledge rendered by Sr. Little Rose towards the pitiful condition of the handicapped and specially challenged children. The three continuous days of Vigilo also included the necessary advice for teenagers of this generation and proved to be an unforgettable experience for both teachers and students of Std. X. The Vigilo held the children focus till the end.