St.Teresa’s Convent English Medium Higher Secondary School, Jalgaon


The mission of CMC Vimala province to Jalgaon, began 32 years ago when we received an invitation from Bishop of Kalyan His Excellency Dr. Mar Paul Chittilapilly to bestow spiritual nourishment to the Syro-Malabar Christians and to provide education to the natives.As a response to it, on 3rd July 1989 the then Provincial Superior Mother Januarius and the Provincial Councillor Sr.Bibiana,set sail in search of this new pasture land in Maharashtra to study the situation.6th July,1989 Stepped on the soil of Jalgaon-Khandesh region for the first time.The task laid ahead was tremendous, embedded with new challenges at every step.

After a close study on the land they deputed the pioneers, Late Sr. Bibiana,late Sr. Alexius and Sr.Thaddeus who set off for their historical journey on 19th September of 1983 from Kerala. Upon reaching Jalgaon, the trio Sisters began their mission in a rented building, God enabled them and on 15th October of 1989, the Convent was officially inaugurated. Time and circumstances necessitated them to begin a small school. So, Convent was converted into a classroom from 17th June 1991with 26 children on roll, which inked the red lettered day for St. Teresa’s Convent School. As the school was growing day by day, the management envisioned the need to shift the school from Adarsh Nagar to a new school building beside Mehrun Lake in Jalgaon and on 9th November 1993 this budding School was shifted. In course of time, this School gained momentum and transformed into a reputed institution with introduction of Junior college since 20th of May 2006.

Today, St. Teresa’s convent school has garnered 30years of educational experience and stands as an epitome of service among young learners and is adorned with a huge gamut of alumni. We currently have over3000 children studying in our school from kindergarten to grade XII, with 140teaching and Non- teaching staff. What makes the school incredible in education field is that the children are educated with high-class curriculum, value integrated education, extra-curricular activities and athletics in a well-balanced manner; irrespective of caste, creed or colour, high or low, rich or poor impacting the same standards unbiased and dutifully. With the continual blessings of God Almighty, St. Teresa’s school is counted among the top educational institutions in Jalgaon, ranking ahead in academics and the ability to produce global citizens positioned high in varied sectors round the globe.